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Dr. Naeema Giving Hope

Dr. Naeema Burgess, MS, PsyD, ABSNP-D

Dr. Naeema has been serving the community since she was a child. When she was 8-years of age, God whispered to her and told her she would become a psychologist. Since then, she has been well on her way, serving with excellence as she yields to the prompting of the Holy Spirit and what she knows to be the right thing. Because her vision and heart were so big, she founded Giving Hope LLC, in 2015 and Giving Hope SOBECA LLC in 2020. She is leading the companies as they build a strong foundation to serve in the Black, Diverse, and Underprivileged communities, Victims of Domestic Violence and Emotional Abuse, Children on the Autism Spectrum and their Families, Typical Individuals and Families, as well as Empowering Women to Understand their Worth and to Walk in ALL that God called them to be. Tune in and see how this Black Owned business owner strives for excellence, finds, and secures funding, serves the community, and overcome challenges while continuing to speak life while shedding light on real life situations that are havily impacting our communities!! We need your subscriptions, so please share as we go beyond our comfort by taping the ins and outs of our day!!! Please comment and share!